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The group is a significant supplier of industrial fans with great innovation ability and 40 years of experience. With modern production facilities and advanced technology we can satisfy our customers’ needs, no matter if it is standard or customized solutions. About Ventur


AFK Plastic louvre back draft shutterss PER-W Aluminium louvre back draft shutterss PER-CN Circular flexible flanged connectors ACOP Circular flexible flanged connectors AFC Circular back draft shutters TSK Connectors, mounting bases, wires protection guards  
Axial-flow fan : One kind of fan from our range is axial-flow fans. Ventur axial-flow fans are easy to mount, clean, and supply. Our axial-flow fans are available as wall version fans, cased fans, in-line fans and portable fans. Ventur wall fans are available in a number of models, including wall plate as pressed galvanized steel sheet and fan blades made of galvanized sheet steel, aluminium and glassfiber reinforced polyamide. We also provide a model type Compact, which has a small construction dimensions. We also have a highly efficient belt driven axial-flow fan with housing made of galvanized sheet steel, which are used to transport large volumes of air and provides a low noise level. Our in-line fans are very compact, reliable and simple to install, clean and supply. We also offer the market's quietest in-line fan, TD-Silent, which itself include a silencer, made with ball bearings with engine suspended in vibration dampers. The maximum size of the TD-Silent (connection diameter 200mm) gives only a noise level of 21 dB (A) (sound pressure level radiated at 3 meters, in free field condition, with rigid ducts at the inlet and outlet). Also, in addition to the market's quietest in-line fan, we offer a wide range of different axial-flow fans designs in different materials depending on the customer's application, such as axial-flow fans serial connected and parallel connected. Ventur axial-flow fans can be supplied with a complete range of accessories such as circular and rectangular heaters, flexible circular silencers, rectangular silencers, filters, flexible flange connectors for the reduction of vibrations, back draft shutters and more. We also offer complete accessories for control of our axial-flow fans like speed controllers for variable speed with either thyristor or transformer, sensors that control the fan depending on the humidity or presence. : Axial-flow fan
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